Who we are

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VAGWERKS ltd. (VAGWERKS) is an integrated infrastructure development, engineering & construction, general contracting, and investment group that is proudly indigenous and truly global with multi-disciplinary group of professionals that are well-positioned to respond with custom-made solutions even as new challenges emerge.

Vagwerks was set up as a specialized one-stop company to overcome the obstacles inherent in integrated infrastructure project and related assets delivery and life cycle. We constitute the brand core of the GROUP and intend to become the company of choice when it comes to sustainable infrastructure and other related development as we serve all spectrums of clients in the Oil & Gas, Power/Energy, Mining, Agro & Allied, Utilities, Public Infrastructure, and Real Estates sector.

Some of our services and area of operations include integrated Infrastructure Development, Engineering & Construction, Construction Project Management; Contracts Administration & Management; PPP Advisory; Concessions & Operations; Facilities Management; Telecommunications & IT Service; Transportation & Logistics (Shipping, Marine Logistics, and Offshore Support Services); Public Utility (Water, Transport, Port, Airport); Power/Renewable Energy; Oilfield & Support Services; Procurement & Process Management; Social Infrastructure; Real Estate & Hospitality, Project Finance & Investment, Aviation & Aerospace, Industrial & Manufacturing, Medical & Healthcare.

As an integrated infrastructure development group we deal with the design, construction, and maintenance in the built and natural environment, including public works such as roads, bridges, canals, dams, water system, airports, railways & monorails, sewerage systems, and pipelines; structural components of buildings; and oilfield & support services.

As a general contractor provide all of the material, skilled and unskilled workers, equipment (such as engineering machinery and tools) and services necessary for the execution of any project. We offer our services as a complete whole or as part of the whole.

Today, we’ve grown stronger and successfully delivering various projects while effectively utilizing our age-old combined experience while maintaining high standards. We are committed to developing and supporting local content. As part of our pursuit for sustainable quality, we play active roles in every community where we operate because people, passion, and integrity are the core of our existence. We often hire specialized local subcontractors and workforce to perform all or portions of our projects related to their various expertise.

Why Choose Us?

Clients and projects require a wide range of expertise and technologies to meet their needs. We satisfy this requirement with proficiency and experience in every sector where we have interest and or operations. It is this amalgamation of skill, knowledge, innovation and fundamental attention to details that has allowed us to thrive even in the most difficult environment.


We are Proudly Indigenous, Truly African.